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Hotels & Accommodation

Please organize your accommodation autonomously, e.g., via or TripAdvisor, or directly via the website of a preferred hotel.

Some general advice:

  • If you are interested in renting an apartment, please do not make any payments up front.
  • Since there is still a minimal risk that we will need to hold the entire academy online, we recommend you to make refundable bookings.
  • Since an important soccer match will be taking place in Pristina at the same time of the academy, we advise you to book rooms early on.
  • Since the venue of the academy is located to the south of Pristina, we recommend you to choose a hotel nearby or to book a room directly at the Emerald Hotel (see below).

Recommended Hotels

We have reserved a contingent of 50 rooms at the Emerald Hotel, where the academy will be taking place. If you would like to book one of these rooms, please contact the hotel ASAP to reserve one of the rooms.

If you are interested in booking another room, please have a look at the Accommodation Guidelines of the Universum College. Many special offers are available here:

Accommodation Guidelines