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  • Online again

    Online again Dear Friends and Colleagues, as you probably noticed in the last weeks we still had many difficulties with our new website. It was many times down, not accessible or the appearance of the site looked very strange. I apologise for the inconvenience caused by all the technical problems, but it was really tough to migrate from the test domain on that the new site was created to our official domain – Without a help from a friend and IT specialist Simas Juodelis from Lithuania I probably haven’t managed it. Now I am happy to announce that the main technical problems ..

  • New NICE Website

    New NICE Website Dear Friends and Colleagues, we are happy to announce that today the new NICE website has been successfully launched. Our site address (domain) remains the same: as in the past. We would be happy if you could advertise the NICE Website through the homepages of your degree programmes and share the link in other suitable ways. We have now a new and more user-friendly design. It is customized for different devices – PCs, tablets and smartphones. The development of the site is now also in our hands – that means that we are no longer dependent on external ..

  • Draft for European Competence Standards

    Draft for European Competence Standards Our current draft for European Competence Standards can be found on pages 14-34 in following publication, which you can open by clicking on the image. Feedback will be collected and summarized by Johannes Katsarov (, coordinator of the NICE network, and will be considered in the revision and publication of the first edition of the competence standards by the responsible team of researchers in 2015.

  • Supporting Mobility through Guidance

    Supporting Mobility through Guidance Student mobility has been actively promoted in the European Union and in many other parts of the world. This article by Sauli Puukari from the University of Jyväskylä concentrates on how to support successful mobility experiences in higher education through targeted guidance and counselling services.


  • NICE publishes the NICE Memorandum

    NICE publishes the NICE Memorandum The document published above includes not only text of the NICE Memorandum, but also relevant statements and evaluations of the key stakeholder representatives on it.

  • European Summit on Developing the Career Workforce of the Future

    European Summit on Developing the Career Workforce of the Future On September 3rd & 4th 2014 the European academic network NICE is holding a large event at Canterbury Christ Church University in England. Key figures from all partner countries will discuss central issues around the education and training of people in the practice of career guidance and counselling.

  • NICE publishes Handbook for Academic Training of Career Guidance and Counselling Professionals

    NICE publishes Handbook for Academic Training of Career Guidance and Counselling Professionals The “NICE Handbook” offers scientifically based arguments for training career professionals in higher education institutions, a vision of which core competences career professionals will need in the future, and a framework for designing and developing degree programmes in career guidance and counselling. The NICE Handbook exists in two different versions, which can be downloaded here or ordered (in print) from johannes_katsarov[at] The short version aims at reaching a broader audience and primarily comprises central concepts (e.g. the NICE Core Competences). The full version of the NICE Handbook additionally comprises ..