Peer Learning for Development of Degree Programs

Peer Learning for Development of Degree Programs

The development of a common approach and first structures for putting quality development of degree programmes in career guidance and counselling into practice through “peer learning” is part of the so-called Tuning 2.0 Project, which also includes two other efforts of the NICE 2 programme. The Tuning 2.0 project aims at supporting the development of academic training for career guidance and counselling professionals around Europe through different measures. We will compile the collected outcomes of the relevant efforts in the publication of a Second NICE Handbook in 2015.


We aim to realize peer-learning activities, for partners from different countries to support each other in the quality development of their degree programmes, and to test out different cooperative formats for peer learning. The outcome of our activities will be a number of short case studies, which look into different aspects of collaborative quality development in the training of career professionals.

Status Quo and Plans for the Future

For the beginning, the group members are working out approaches for international peer-learning, and experimenting with them at online-meetings. In May 2014, a first peer-learning event took place in Gödöllö (Hungary), where members come together to discuss the renewal of an existing degree programme, and setting up completely new programmes in two other countries. At the upcoming NICE conference in Canterbury, we will present first models for peer learning and case studies, to encourage more cooperation in Europe and set benchmarks.


Dr Sif Einarsdóttir, University of Iceland