NICE Academy in Split 2019

NICE Academy in Split 2019

We are proud to announce that the 2019 Academy of NICE will be hosted by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Split in Croatia from October 9-12, 2019, organised by dear colleague Prof Srečko Goić.

Theme: “Innovative Approaches to Career Guidance and Counselling

Over the past years, many new approaches to career support have been developed across the world – many of them drawing on state-of-the-art theory and the latest results of empirical investigations into career development, career-related challenges, learning, the benefits of new technologies, etc. At our second NICE Academy, we would like to create a space for you to

  • share new approaches, methods and tools for the careers practice,
  • introduce new approaches to practitioner training,
  • engage in developing and testing ideas for innovative approaches,
  • present and discuss empirical findings on innovative approaches, and
  • develop your knowledge and criticality of relevant innovations.

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