University of Economics Varna

University of Economics Varna

The University of Economics Varna is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in economics on the Balkan Peninsula with an 89-years history. The University was established in 1920 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Varna and has adhered to its mission ever since – to develop the science of economics, to train the specialists needed for the prosperity of business in the region and the country as a whole.

Since then more than 55,000 Bulgarian and foreign students have graduated the University and received higher education diplomas in economics. Today there are over 10,000 Bulgarian and international students at the University.

The University is a reliable partner and is often sought for cooperation in the realization of international projects in the framework of the EU programmes PHARE, LEONARDO, LLP/ERASMUS, TRANSLINGUA, etc.The participation of University of Economics in the LLP/ ERASMUS programme has given students the opportunity to take one or two semesters at other European Universities, has allowed foreign professors to give lectures to our students here, as well as our staff to lecture at other Universities in Europe.

The University follows its mission to provide high quality education and thus promote professional growth and encourage scientific research through flexible training, promoting research on current practical issues, International integration and cooperation.

Staff involved in the NICE Network:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Apostol Apostolov
Email: apostola[at]
Chief Ass.-Prof. Dr. Petya Dankova
Email: p_dankova[at]