Foundation for Lifelong Learning Development Innove

Foundation for Lifelong Learning Development Innove

The mission of the Foundation for Lifelong Learning Development Innove (Foundation Innove) is to offer experience, advice and support to the organisations promoting vocational education and training and lifelong learning, and to the learning members of society.

The Foundation’s strategic management and supervision is exercised by a Supervisory Board of 5 members. The members of the Supervisory Board are authorised persons of the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The Foundation is managed and represented by a Management Board of 3 members. The Foundation consists of fund or programme-specific structural units and support units or functions.

Today, the Foundation supports innovation within the HRD system through various programmes, projects and interventions including:

  • Estonian National Observatory
  • National Resource Centre for Guidance (NRCG)
  • EU Structural Funds Unit
  • Project Development and Implementation Unit

National Resource Centre for Guidance (NRCG)

Main activities of NRCG:

  • Intermediate information and best practice about mobility and career guidance systems to career practitioners in Estonia and Europe.
  • Development of career education in general and vocational schools.
  • Contribution to the development of the national system of guidance by introducing the best European practice
    Development and introduction of ICT applications in guidance and counselling
  • Strengthening of co-operation and information exchange within the institutional network in the fields of education, training, guidance, youth work and labour market policy in Estonia.
  • Participation in transnational projects under both Community and national programmes in the field of education and guidance, and the encouragement of other relevant bodies in European project co-operation

Staff involved in the NICE Network:

Ande Magus
Email: ande.magus[at]
Margit Rammo
Email: margit.rammo[at]