Becoming a Founder

Becoming a Founder

All organisations and individuals that promote academic training in career guidance and counselling in Europe are invited to become founders of the NICE Foundation.

Are you eligible to become a founder?

  • Generally, people actively engaged in degree programmes with a focus on career guidance and counselling are welcome.
  • All people and organisations involved in the projects “NICE 1” and “NICE 2” are generally welcome.
  • Individual founders don’t necessarily need to work at a higher education institution. We also welcome career specialists who contribute to academic training programmes.
  • Organisations don’t necessarily have to offer degree programmes themselves. We also welcomes assocations and bodies of career practitioners who support the professionalization of career guidance and counselling and the provision of relevant degree programmes.

What rights and obligations do founders have?

All founders have a certain amount of votes in the Assembly of Founders, which elects the Board of Directors and the Election & Ethics Committee. The Assembly comes together at least once in three years (Article 10). It is also the only organ, which may make changes to the Statute.

Additionally, founders have access to the Intranet of the NICE Foundation (Moodle Platform), which enables access to shared documents, discussion forums, and working space. Founders also have the right to be represented on the NICE Website.

There are three types of founders with slightly different privileges:

Type of founder Board Elections Website Assembly Resolutions & Committee Elections One-time contribution[1]
Individuals who offer/promote academic training in CGC 2 votes Only personal representation 1 vote 100€ / 50€
Organisation, which promotes academic training in CGC 2 votes Representation of key people and the organisation 1 vote 200€ / 100€
Higher education institution with degree programme for career practitioners 6 votes Representation of key people, organisation, and degree programme 3 votes 300€ / 150€

[1] For reasons of fairness in view of income disparities across Europe, a reduced one-time contribution rate is available for funders (primarily) operating in countries with a GDP/Capita, which was lower than 30.000 Euros in 2015. The reduced rate is therefore available for funders based in Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, Spain, Turkey, and Ukraine.

How do I register?

To become a founder, you are mainly asked to endorse the UN Charter of Human Rights, the NICE Memorandum and European Competence Standards, as well as make a modest one-time financial contribution (see table above). We will use this money to provide an infrastructure for the foundation in the first years.

If this is okay for you, please (1) fill out the NICE Foundation Registration Form, (2) sign it, and (3) send it to