Conference in Padova 2017

International Conference in Padova 2017

Counseling and Support for Decent Work, Equity and Inclusion: Passwords for the Present and the Future

University of Padova, October 5-7, 2017


The Italian Society of Vocational Guidance (SIO), the European Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counseling (ESVDC), the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe (NICE), the International Social Economy Network (Res-Int), the Coordination of Triveneto Universities for Inclusion (UNI3V), the Larios Laboratory  and the Center for Disability and inclusion of the University of Padova, announce the International Conference Counseling and Support ‘Decent work, Equity and Inclusion: Passwords for the Present and the Future’ .

This conference is a call to action.  Decent work.  Equity.  Inclusion. These are the key passwords that must guide our present and future career and workforce development efforts.

Economists point to advances in technology (e.g., digitalization, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, eCommerce, etc.) as the single biggest threat to the continued existence of many vocations and occupations, – what many refer to as “Work 4.0.”  From the end of the last century to the present, citizens throughout the world have experienced tremendous economic growth and increased life expectancy.

Despite these advances, the first quarter of this century has witnessed a number of global crises impacting access to decent work including large scale immigration from refugees escaping poverty and war torn communities, climate change in the wake of increased pollution brought about in part fast moving industrialization, diminishing natural resources, and the need for more access to quality shelter, food and clean water.

A wide range of career and workforce development perspectives are needed to join forces in identifying pathways for collective action. Our aim is to create a stimulating international, multi- and interdisciplinary debate and discussion on the theoretical and methodological approaches, resources, instruments, applications and professional communities that must be considered as we design strategies to improve access to decent work for all.

Chair: L. Nota, University of Padova, Italy, Delegate of the Rector for Inclusion and Disability

Co-chair: A. Righetti, President of the International Social Economy Network, Italy; S.V. Solberg, Boston University, USA; S. Soresi, University of Padova, Italy

Scientific Committee. They have already joined: A. Antonietti, U. Cattolica of Milano, G. Bencini, U. Ca’ Foscari, Venezia, A.E. Berti, U. of Padova, J. Bimrose, U. of Warwick, UK, D.L. Blustein, Boston College, USA, J. Bonetto, U. of Padova, P.G. Bresciani, U. of Bologna, S. Brown, Loyola U. Chicago, USA, C. Calleja, U. of Malta, E. Camussi, U. of Milano-Bicocca, B.J. Carducci, Indiana U. Southeast, USA, L. Carrino, KIP International School, Italy, A. Cattani, U. of Padova, A. Causero, U. of Udine, G. Ceccarelli, U. of Urbino, R.G. Cinamon, Tel Aviv U., Israel, V. Cohen-Scali, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, France, A. Contarello, U. of Padova, B. Cortese, U. of Padova, F. da Porto, U. of Padova, A. Da Re, U. of Padova, J-P. Dauwalder, U. of Lausanne, Switzerland, N.A. De Carlo, U. of Padova, S. Di Nuovo, U. of Catania, M.E. Duarte, U. of Lisbon, Portugal, F. Dughiero, U. of Padova, B-J. Ertelt, U. of Applied Labour Studies Mannheim, Germany, I. Garofolo, U. of Trieste, I. Gati, The Hebrew U. of Jerusalem, Israel, L. Gerstein, Ball State U., USA, M. Giangreco, U. of Vermont, USA, G. Gosetti, U. of Verona, G. Griffo, Disabled People’s International, C. Guarnieri, U. of Padova, P. Gubitta, U. of Padova, P.J. Hartung, Northeast Ohio Medical U., USA, Z-J. Hou, Bejing Normal U., China, K. Howard, Boston U., USA, M. Israelashvili, Tel Aviv U., Israel, J. Katsarov, NICE Network/U. of Zurich, Switzerland, F. Leong, Michigan State U., USA, A. Lo Coco, U. of Palermo, D. Lucangeli, U. of Padova, N.A. Lukyanova, Tomsk Polytechnic U., Russia, P. Macchi, U. of Trento, F. Madeddu, U. di Milano-Bicocca, P. Magnano, U. of Enna, A. Magone, Torino Nord Ovest srl Impresa Sociale, K. Maree, U. of Pretoria, South Africa, A. Marguccio, IUAV Venezia, M. Mascia, U. of Padova, J. Masdonati, U. of Lausanne, Switzerland, T. Mazali, Polytechnic of Tourin, P. McIlveen, U. of Southern Queensland, Australia, M. McMahon, U. of Queensland, Australia, V. Milanesi, U. of Padova, P. Moderato, IULM U., S.G. Niles, The College of Willam & Mary, USA, C. Noworol, Jagiellonian U., Poland, V. Pace, U. of Padova, P. Paoletti, Fondazione Paoletti, E. Pariotti, U. of Padova, P. Patrizi, U. of Sassari, J. Fiz Perez, U. Europea of Roma, V. Podgórna, Wrocklaw U., Poland, J. Pouyaud, U. of Bordeaux, France, H. Reid, Canterbury Christ Church U., UK, M.A. Ribeiro, U. de São Paulo, Brasil, E. Robusto, U. of Padova, L. Rocco, U. of Padova, J. Romano, Arizona State U., USA, J. Rossier, U. of Lausanne, Switzerland, P. Rottinghaus, U. of Missouri-Columbia, USA, G. Salviulo, U. of Padova, G. Sangiorgi, U. of Cagliari, M. Santi, U. of Padova, G. Sarchielli, U. of Bologna, M. Salvadori, U. of Padova, C. Schiersmann, Heidelberg U., D.E. Schultheiss, Cleveland State U., USA, K. Scorgie, Azusa Pacific U., USA, S. Sirigatti, U. Europea of Roma, C. Sorba, U. of Padova, Italy  R.G. Sultana, U. of Malta, A. Suppiej, U. of Padova, H. Suzuki, Ritsumeikan U., Japan, E. Tanti Burlò, U. of Malta, T. Tracey, Arizona State U., USA, P. Valerio, U. of Napoli Federico II, F. Vasca, U. del Sannio, G. Vidotto, U. of Padova, G. Vilhjálmsdóttir, U. of Iceland, M. Watson, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan U., South Africa, P.C. Weber, U. of Applied Labour Studies Mannheim, Germany, R. Young, U. of British Columbia, Canada.

The scientific program of the conference includes Keynotes, Symposia, Oral presentations, Posters.

The deadline for symposia proposal is April 30th, for abstract submission is May 31st 2017.  Authors interested in presenting a contribution are kindly invited to use the form available on the conference website.

MANIFESTO FOR INCLUSION. Conference attendants are invited to pool their ideas and efforts to create a Manifesto for Inclusion. The aim is to highlight the support that can be given to the wellbeing, social and work inclusion of individuals even in times of marked uncertainties such as those that we are currently going through. To participate in drafting the Manifesto for Inclusion click here.

For more information visit the website