Krakow 2018: Call for Workshops

NICE Conference in Krakow, September 5-8, 2018

Call for Training and Peer Learning Workshops (May 1, 2018)

A large part of our conference will be dedicated to master classes, training workshops and peer-learning sessions (90 minutes each). We already have some excellent offers lined up, including training on career support for social justice (Hooley, Sultana & Thomsen), career support for migrants and refugees (Chant & Reid), digital skills capabilities of career development practitioners (Moore), and a new approach to job analysis (Ferrari & Sgaramella).

Would you like to also organise an interactive session at the conference? If yes, please send a short abstract to johannes_katsarov[at]hotmail[dot]de and czeslaw[dot]noworol[at]uj[dot]edu[dot]pl by May 1, 2018.

Your abstract of 100-200 words should include (1) a preliminary title for your workshop, (2) a short description of the goals and contents, and (3) a short description of the interactive method that you will be using (e.g., group discussion, exercises, collegial counselling…). Please note that no more than 30 minutes of these workshops should be spent with presentations. Offers can be specifically for academic trainers or career practitioners, or both. Peer-Learning Workshops can target any kind of problem or challenge of interest to the practice or training, and can also look at future project ideas. The idea of peer-learning workshops is to bring together people from different countries to share expertise around a common challenge or problem (e.g., working with difficult clients, promoting reflective practice…). Offers can be made in different languages (e.g., English, Polish…).