Module C4 – Career Service Management

Module C4 – Career Service Management

Module C4 relates directly to the European Competence Standards, which are formulated for Career Advisors, Career Professionals, and Career Specialists in the competence domain of Career Service Management.

Cognitive Resources (Knowledge)

  •  Finance: Basics of budgeting, resource management and bookkeeping
  • Legal aspects, legislation and codes of practice relevant for contracting, management of career services
  • Quality management/ development (different models); evaluation theory (process and outcome analytics); specifics of evaluating career services  (theories underpinning
    the process of planning, preparing, implementing and evaluating different career interventions; including cost-benefit-analyses)
  • Basics of entrepreneurship (also for fundraising): business plan development; analysis of competition, client needs, and the environment of an organisation
  • Basics of marketing and advertisement: marketing strategies (price, placement, promotion, product); communication strategies for different target groups
  • Specifics of managing career services (organisational aspects); effects of organisational circumstances on quality of career services

Affective Resources (Attitudes, Values, Motivations)

  • Willingness and interest in understanding, reflecting and developing one’s own role and function in an organisation, including one’s innerorganisatinoal relationships
  • Feeling of responsibility for managing the quality of career services; pro-active attitude at co-constructing one’s organisational environment; interest in cooperating with colleagues, superiors and inferiors to foster organisational learning
  • Entrepreneurial attitude of setting up new services and improving existing ones, and taking on responsibility for organisational tasks
  • Win-win-perspective on developing oneself and one’s organisation: Keeping a healthy balance between the interest of the organisation and one’s own interests
  • Motivation to sustain knowledge/ information collection and systemization efforts over long periods of time at a certain quality level

Behavioural Resources (Skills, Techniques)

  • Resource management: Budgeting methods and calculation, working with spreadsheet table programmes, controlling, time management
  • Acquisition of clients and projects, writing contracts, preparing offers, negotiating, managing conflicts, applying project management tools
  • Application of current ICT solutions for management and cooperation in teams
  • Knowledge & information management: Setting up and developing useful data banks; maintaining up-to-date listings of referral sources
  • Development of questionnaires, interview guidelines and other instruments for the evaluation and quality management/ development
  • Development, application and realization of organisational strategies, goals and quality frameworks; also through the direct involvement of different stakeholders (including the users of career services) in the design and development of services

Methods of Teaching and Learning (Good Practice Examples)

  • Case studies of organisations
  • Role-playing for development of negotiation and conflict-management skills
  • Developing a business-plan or marketing strategy for a small counselling/ guidance organisation (e.g. based on a specific case)
  • Management project in/with an organisation
  • Scientifically evaluating a career intervention
  • Scientifically reviewing evaluation research
  • Survey development and testing
  • Group discussion of information management in practical work with different target groups
  • Case studies on information marketing
  • Developing a project plan

Methods of Assessment (Good Practice Examples)

  • Writing and presenting an offer for a career service based on the analysis of a case study
  • Research and/or organisation internship
  • Completing a recipient analysis and evaluation with a simple
    statistical method (e.g. Chi-square)
  • Conducting an evaluation of a chosen computer-assisted career information system
  • Conducting an efficacy verification of a Career Education intervention (pre- post-test analysis)